Our Son, the Matchmaker (1996)

Our Son, the Matchmaker

As seen in flashback, this is the story of 43-year-old Julie a beautician who when 15 was forced by her mother to give up her baby for adoption. Her son, now 28, a minister, with his wife expecting, begins to search for his biological mother to find out his family medical history. She hears of his search and reunites.

Release: May 08, 1996

Duration: 1h 35m

Genres: Drama, TV Movie

Country: United States of America

Quality: HD

Actors: Ann Jillian, David Andrews, Deirdre O'Connell, Drew Ebersole, Marisa Coughlan

Director: Lorraine Senna

IMDb: 6.3/10

Keywords:Our Son, the Matchmaker #woman director