Tuhan, Minta Duit! (2022)

Tuhan, Minta Duit!

Adi tried all the conditions so that his prayer was granted, but his prayer "God, ask for money" did not come true. The prayer that he originally said was only to repair the leaking roof tiles of his house and buy Mbah Kedah Nasi Padang, increased when his grandmother who took care of him from the baby fell in the bathroom, was hospitalized, and required a lot of money. Instead of being granted, Adi lost his job as a polisher because his friends in the profession revealed that Adi was a woman. Women are prohibited from participating in polishing, because it can cause "excessive" compassion from potential customers. It was at the lowest point that his prayer was answered, Adi found a bag containing hundreds of millions, but led him to disaster.

Release: Apr 02, 2022

Duration: 1h 20m

Genres: Drama, Family

Country: Indonesia

Quality: HD

Actors: Anantya Rezky Kirana, Putri Ayudya, Asrul Dahlan, Rendy Khrisna, Fikha Effendi

Director: Azhar Kinoi Lubis

IMDb: 0/10

Keywords:Tuhan, Minta Duit!